George Galloway in Ann Arbor


Students Allied For Freedom & Equality Presents
British Parliamentarian
George Galloway

Speaking On The Tragedy of Gaza

“What is Happening in Palestine is murder on a mass scale,
perpetrated by one of the most powerful states in the world
with the backing of the US, Britain and its allies…”

When: THURSDAY, March 26th at 8pm
Where: Rackham Amphitheatre

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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One Response to “George Galloway in Ann Arbor”

  1. George had a large turnout in Ann Arbor tonight (it takes George Galloway to get me to go to Ann Arbor these days). Maybe 300? Maybe more, I’m bad at numbers. In any case they had to use the overfill room. Relatively straight forward George; low key except for some zingers thrown at the Canadian government. Far more folks from the local Arab and Palestinian communities than radical students it seemed. No Zionist hecklers which Ann Arbor has had a problem with in the past. It was being filmed, if I find it online I’ll link to it here.


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