The Fall Classic

This time of October is my favorite time of the year though I tend to get very little done.  The Fall Classic is the order of the season and for Detroit the entire year comes down to a single game.  After 162 games and the division is tied.  The Tigers have squandered, in the last week, the lead they have held since May.  For the second year in a row the Minnesota Twins force a one game tie-breaker for a spot in the post-season.

Leading Detroit slugger Miguel Cabrera seems to have had some sort of drunken melt-down over the weekend.  Either his hang-over or his shame contributed to a limp bat at home where the Tigers have been dominant.  The game is played by men in there twenties so you expect these sort of things, but this is the Big Leagues where you are supposed to be able to perform to matter how hobbled.  If Doc Ellis can throw a no-hitter on acid then Miguel should be able to hit a ball still drunk from the night before.  Lots have.  That he was carousing with the Whites Sox does nothing for his case.  He hasn’t been able to hit a ball since, but Bolivarian Magglio Ordóñez has been red hot after a tough season which warms my heart.

It looks like the usual suspects in the post-season.  Yankees and Bo Sox, The Phils and the Cards, The LA teams and Colorado sneaking in.  If the Twins end up with the division title at the end of tonight all I can do is tip my hat to a remarkable run.  This household was, and will remain, an Anyone But Yankees home even if it means rooting for an LA team.  Detroit, even if they win tonight, would be the weakest team in the post-season with the Yankees to face next.  I like the Cards to win it all this year.

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5 Responses to “The Fall Classic”

  1. Tonight’s game was one for the ages. Epic. If you like baseball it doesn’t get better, not always the best baseball but a great baseball game. The Twins came from seven games back winning 17 of the last 21 games to take the division in extra innings in a tiebreaker. Truly disappointing for a Tigers fan, but one has to appreciate Minnesota’s accomplishment. Now they have to play the Yankees in New York after the immense exertions of this night. Tough loss for Detroit. Tough.

    • RR –
      My Twins did have a great run, and actually played the Yankees tough (in losing).

      You are welcome to come visit the northland next year in the temple my we were forced to build for old banker Pohlad. At least the ransom is buying Minnesotra limestone, roof-top fire-pits and a clutch of pines over far-away center.

      The dome was an awful park, though two of the best ever World Series were played and won there.

      death to the yankees!



      • Kdog,

        The dome is an abomination and I’d gladly push the plunger on the place myself if I could. The Twins are a great team and I can’t wait for the first pairing between them and Detroit next year. Yep, especially 87 against the Cards. Kirby Puckett, imho, never got the accolades in life that he deserved. One of the best players of the last 40 years. Expect to be taken up on your offer. Maybe a visit during Detroit a series? A class war tour of the city as well?

        Death to the Yankees indeed. Vive la Philadelphia!


  2. Sorry kdog but once the twins don’t have astroturf and the Ceiling spotlights to pad their numbers against other Central teams the stats will come down to earth. my guess is the twins finsih third next year. RR kirby Puckett is still god in minnesota all 5’4″ of him. just not anywhere else. Go Phils, Death to the Empire, Death to the Yankees!

    • sorry eric, but the Twins have never been a “stat” team. They are built around baseball fundamentals and sound development. The new park will be an adjustment, no doubt. But betting against Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau & Co in the weak Central is a risky proposition.

      On Kirby Puckett – look the guy, like too many athletes, became a spoiled, abusive, sexist jerk. As a player, he’s a Hall of Famer and World Series hero, whether the Empire’s capitals remember him or not.

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