5 comments on “Big Jim Larkin, The Keweenaw, the IWU and The Troubles Film Industry

  1. Iremember ,big jim,my father ,fred,was caretaker and cleaner i of mallin hall ,fishamble street ,and thomas ashe in college street ,and wui,parnell square, i think i was the youngest person to walk at jims funeral,i was 10,ill never forget the cold,i had a pair of cloggs on me ,nearly 2 inch wooden sole with rexene uppers,cut the ankles off you, and the black slush was everywhere,i remember my father saying ,he stayed with big jim all night,when he lay in state ,on the first floor in thomas ashe,on a snooker table,the same building ,that originally was the police station ,were they took jim ,when they arrested him…….


  2. i was wondering if anyone could possibly help me,the photo of larkin in the crowd scene at the top of this page,does anyone know any of the other men in the photo or possibly who took the photo?


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