3 comments on “Elissa Jane Karg Chacker 1951-2008

  1. Just was remembering Elissa’s book How to Be a Nonconformist, and was saddened to learn of her accidental death. My sympathies to her family. I think I will order a couple of copies of the reprint, one for my 13 year old and one for me. Elissa certainly made an impact on so many people. What a tragic and early loss.


  2. I would like to know whether the car accident that caused Elissa’s death was a hit and run or whether there was swift, or lagging apprehension of the perpetrator. Any details will be appreciated because in the pursuit of Justice, knowledge is Power.


    • I certainly don’t know the answer the that question or the particular details of the incident; even if I did I would not relate them on a blog. I think the public discussion of those details may be inappropriate and the last thing I would want is to further distress the family. I suggest that you direct your concerns to them. Justice is different things to different people.


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