4 comments on “Stodgy Socialists Censor George Carlin

  1. I’ll tell you what is obscene, I just listened to the news where they used the term, ‘frequent Flyer program’ to describe moving a prisoner from one cell to the next every hour for 50 DAYS! can you imagine what your mind and body would be like after that? “Frequent Flyer program” those people that made that up are the real sick obscene fucks….


  2. reminds me of the Volume iii of the German edition of the collected works of Marx/Engels were the early 1960ies editors in stalinist Eastern Germany left out one sentence in the “German Ideology” which states roughly that “someone should not bother about national shit because the nation is shit itself” … in the six volume edition of the selected works in the mid 1980ies, this sentence was included


  3. Maybe they think that workers are cultural conservatives who would be shocked, SHOCKED and offended by such language? Who knows. It is amazing sometimes how socialists, many of whom have meaningful relationships with actual working-class people, can completely reify what it means to be working class in theory.


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