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  1. Amira’s funeral was today. Again the funeral was assaulted. An action supported by Anarchists Against the Wall saw 23 arrests in Israel. Bigger actions are planned in the coming weeks. The resistance of the villages is inspiring.

    And on another front- the Free Gaza Movement, which aims to break the blockade by boat, launched from Cyprus this evening for an expected 20 hour trip. Progress can be monitored here.


  2. Saw this on a list I’m on:

    Dear all,

    Yousef Amira, age 17, died this morning and was buried this evening.

    Yousef, was the second child to be shot, by the Israeli military in the village of Ni’lin in two days. Ahmed Mousa was shot and killed last Wednesday by an Israeli border police officer and Yousef was shot hours after the burial of Ahmed the next day. Yousef was shot at close range with rubber coated steel bullets. He was declared brain dead later that evening. Youself died around 10 am this morning in Ramallah Hospital in Qudora refugee camp.

    Demonstrations opposing the wall and the stealing of Nilin’s land will continue and demonstrations have been organised in Palestine 48 (Israel) by Israeli anti-occupation activists.

    A demonstration was organised last Thursday by the Anarchists Against the Wall against hte Defence Minister. Another is scheduled for tommorrow in Tel Aviv, this time against the Brigadier General Aviv Reshef.

    Please find below a copy of the media release from the ISM re Yousef’s death and funeral, as well as the call put out by AATW for the demonstration in 48.

    in solidarity, Kim



    The funeral for Yousef Amira, the 17 year old from Ni’lin who dies
    this morning, will be held at 6pm today in Ni’lin.
    People will meet at 4pm outside Ramallah hospital before the body is
    taken to Ni’lin at 4:30pm.

    Yousef Amira, aged 17, who was left brain-dead on the 30th July after
    being shot in the head by Israeli forces, died this morning.

    Israeli forces shot Yousef Ahmad Younis Amera with two rubber coated
    steel bullets from close range, leaving him brain dead. Actual death
    occurred at approximately 10am today. Yousef is the second child
    killed in the village over the past week. On Tuesday 10 year old Ahmed
    Husan Yousef Mousa was shot dead by an Israeli border policeman.

    According to ISM volunteers staying in the village, confrontations
    broke out hours after Ahmed’s funeral. Villagers built five barricades
    of rubble and stones that blocked the main road into Ni’lin preventing
    Israeli forces entering the village. At about 5:30pm an Israeli
    bulldozer attempted to clear a path through the barricades but was
    driven back by a hail of stones from the village youth.

    About 50 Israeli soldiers then attacked with sound bombs, rubber
    coated steel bullets and tear gas. They shot Yousef twice in the head
    at close range at approximately 7:30pm. There are reports of two other
    men suffering head injuries from a rubber coated steel bullets, but
    these injuries are not life threatening. A total of 17 people are
    thought to have been injured in yesterday’s fighting.

    According to Israeli Human Rights organisation B’Tselem, “the minimum
    range for firing ‘rubber’ bullets is 40m… the regulations emphasise
    that the bullets must be fired only at the individuals legs and they
    are not to be fired at children…”.

    For several months protests have been held at Nil’in against the
    illegal Apartheid wall that annexes approximately 2,500 Dunums of
    agricultural land. The people fear this latest land grab will make
    their village economically untenable.

    Yousef is the 8th child and the 13th Palestinian killed protesting
    against the Apartheid Wall. The other 12 are:

    Ahmed Husan Yousef Mousa, aged 10.

    Mohammad Fadel Hashem Rayan, age 25.

    Zakaria MaHmud Salem, age 28.

    Abdal Rahman Abu Eid, age 62.

    Mohammad Daud Badwan, age 21.

    Diaa Abdel Karim Abu Eid, age 24.

    Hussain mahmud Awwad Aliyan, age 17.

    Islam Hashem Rizik Zhahran, age 14.

    Alaa Mohammad Abdel Rahman Khalil, age 14.

    Jamal Jaber Ibrahim Assi, age 15.

    Odai Mofeed Mahmud Assi, age 14.

    Mahayub Nimer Assi, age 15.

    To date, no soldiers or border police have been prosecuted for killing

    For more information contact the ISM Media Office (970)-2-2971824.
    For ISM volunteers in Nil’in: Camilla (972) (0)54 2385681,

    –~–~—— —~–~– –~—— ——~– —–~–~ —-~
    The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a Palestinian- led non-violent resistance movement committed to ending Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land. We call for full compliance with all relevant UN resolutions and international law.

    Protest the killing of Yusef Amira from Nilin

    17 year old Yusef Amira who was shot in the head last week died this morning.

    A demonstration against the murderous policies of the army towards to popular resistance to the wall

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, in front of the home of Brigadier General Aviv Reshef

    Yusef Ahmad Yunes Amira, 17 years old, was shot by a border police officer last Wednesday in Nilin and died of his injuries today. After the end of the funeral procession of Ahmad Mousa, the 10 year old who was murdered the previous day at a demonstration against the wall, border police troops invaded the center of the village shooting rubber coated metal bullets everywhere. A border police officer shot Amira in the head with two bullets from a distance of less than 10 meters while he was in his driveway. Amira was pronounced brain dead when he reached the hospital and died this morning.

    Yusef Amira is the 13th casualty of the popular struggle against the wall which has also included thousands of injured. This struggle has been met from its beginning with unprecedented repression which keeps escalating every day. The soldiers use lethal means to attack demonstrations of Women Men and children who protest together the theft of their lands.

    The escalation by the army in Nilin is the direct responsibility of Brigadier General Aviv Reshef. All war criminals from policy makers to those who carry it out should be held responsible. Tomorrow we take that message to Reshef’s home.

    Aviv Reshef and his neighbors ought to know:

    There is no immunity for murderers in uniform.

    Resisting the occupation does not end at the green line

    The responsibility does not end when the green uniforms are shed.

    The demonstration will leave tel aviv at around 16:00

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act – George Orwell “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Bishop Desmond Tutu


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