4 comments on “Conventions, Class, Georgia

  1. The protests really picked up at the RNC. The police machine went to new lows in the crushing of dissent. People should be alarmed at the lengths the cops went to in Minneapolis. Its a harbinger of what is to come.


  2. Even when it comes to the ex-Sov states, the GOP is just following in the Democrats’ footsteps. Surrounding the Russkies with a chain of stooge states and missle bases was Bill Clinton’s baby. And let’s not forget that Democrat George Soros funded the rent-a-mob “revolution” that put that snot nose yuppie lawyer in the presidential palace in Tiflis when the previous capitalist roader, who was once Gorby’s foreign minister, started getting too cozy with the Ruskies over the pipeline. George Soros is also one of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters. The same holds true for Brezinski, the Democrats’ version of Henry Kissinger, who is still obsessed with the Russian menance. So, no surprise then that Obama want’s to “stand up” for a Georgia that has become one of the world’s most unequal sociaties. More change you can believe in, I guess.


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