3 comments on “Sad News for Detroit Music

  1. It has been one of my favorite places to play in all my travels these past three years. Everywhere I go people ask me the most interesting venues I find and The Bo House is always one of the first I mention. From what I understand there is still some hope, but it makes me sick, and I spent a good portion of my night last night laying in bed thinking about it…Thanks Joel and Brad, and so many others who worked/played hard to make it such a vibrant and open space for the local community as well as the global community of musicians!
    Life, Thollem


  2. Brad,

    Unfortunately I missed a great many more shows than I saw at the Bo House. Though I got to see some great shows I am envious of the lot you saw. I understand that a lot of the show were recorded. Any chance of a compilation? Where else would I, without even the possibility of musical talent, get to sit in on a class with Tatsuya Nakatani?

    The Detroit scene seems pretty resilient as you say. Zoot’s, a totally different kind of space to the Bo House, was hard to see go ten years ago. When I think of the music I got to see there it kind of blows my mind now. The Bo House now enters the Pantheon. From the Grande to the Bo House, Detroit has found a space. As long as the community is there, it will gather I suppose. Unfortunately it won’t be on Tillman Avenue.



  3. We have every reason to believe, like you say here, that the music will go on. Perhaps in an even better location, although that seems impossible.
    Joel is an ace at booking experimental music and that won’t stop; he plans on having a new venue within a year.

    All that being said, I lost a big part of my life this weekend. I worked the door for about 85% of the shows there, so I saw just about everything. It was an experience: tons of free jazz, out punk, noise, folk, international players and local acts. I’ll never forget it. It was where my friends met and saw music from around the world.

    I’m optimistic about Detroit music and the independent arts community. But no doubt we lost an institution that will be tough to replace.

    Brad in Detroit


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