One comment on “September 11 in Black and White

  1. Yeah, this is what their “democracy” looks like when workers get a bit too rowdy and reformists like Allende can’t keep them in line.

    While Allende was a brave man who went down with a gun in his hand, the fact is that he politically (and militarily) disarmed the Chilean workers with his “peaceful road to socialism.” (Believe it or not, the CP was even further to the right than Allende on this one!) Remember what St. Just said about going half-way when it comes to a revolution because the other side will never do so when it comes to a counter-revolution!

    Unfortunately, none of this is abstract or academic. As we speak, there is a creeping counter-revolution going on in Bolivia. While fascist death squads run amuck in the streets (in the name of “self-determination,” no less) Evo Morales appears intent on doing the Allende bit instead of mobilizing the workers and peasants to crush the US-backed oligarchy.

    Lets hope that the Bolivian workers and peasants show the same kind of stuff that they did in 2003 and 2005 (and that the Chilean workers would have if Allende and the CP would have given them the go ahead to), only this time they go all the way so that Bolivia goes in the history books alongside of Cuba and not Chile!


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