3 comments on “There Is No Alternative? More Thoughts on the Finance Crisis

  1. the campaign of fear may not be working on the people, but man, i am afraid it seems to be working on Congress. they are not refusing to do a bailout, some of them just want better legislation and will hold off for just a little bit. but in the end, i think they will pass something, and part of that is due to their own fear, and quite frankly, their own inability to understand what the *%&^ is going on. i wish they were more afraid of being voted out of office – then we may have a better chance. i just do not know one single person who supports a bailout. it was cool as hell when the first bill failed- and giselle is right, watching them squirm is truly wonderful, but they know too that in the end, they’ll get just what they want. and that pisses me off.


  2. It amazes me that bourgeoise economists, are so empirical. They have no concept of capitalism’s cycles.

    If the bailout fails, there will be worldwide recession. If it passes there will be stagflation.


  3. I completely agree with this analysis. The campaign of fear has been truly intense but it isn’t working. If I hear one more ruling class comment about Main Street, I think I’ll puke. Politicians can repeat themselves til their faces turn blue about how “tax payers” will pay a much higher price for not supporting the bailout but no one is buying the notion that financial institutions need a handout. It’s been cool to watch ’em squirm – risk not getting re-elected or remember who butters your bread. What a conumdrum!


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