One comment on “Live from Death Row: Mumia and the Economic Crisis

  1. The so-called “left” in this country would do well to learn a thing a two from Mumia. To start with they could get a pair of balls and a backbone.

    Here’s a guy who has had a quarter of his life taken away from him by the capitalist state and he’s even more radical than when he started. Now that’s certainly no way to get on the good side of his jailers!

    And on almost every issue that the “progressive” liberal-left goes on bended knees before the bosses, their press and their politicians, from “human-rights” imperialism (remember Clinton and Wesley Clark’s war over Kosovo in 1999) to “lesser-evilism” (ABB and Obamamania), Mumia has stood strong.

    Just compare him to the likes of Michael Moore or any of the “super-stars” that go on all fours to the death penalty Democrats every election. Small wonder then that the reformists long ago ditched defending Mumia since it might scare away a few middle-class white voters from the Democrats.


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