2 comments on “Blissful Banalities

  1. Giselle,

    I know what you mean about impressions of sports. And it’s more than impressions. In school, especially high school, where I went the sports field was where you got your ass kicked by the boys with something to prove. I hated the idea of gym and just didn’t go. Why add another humiliation on top of all the others young folks have to go through at school? Every school has, as part of the social ranking, divisions between jocks and nerds. As if one could not be physically fit and curious about the world at the same time. The idea of little skinny me throwing on those awful shorts they made you wear just wasn’t on. I had more knee than leg and this was pointed out to me regularly. A lot of the crap, as Zirin points out, that fouls up our lives gets played out on the pitch. Glad we both survived to go on to love such a sublime game despite the mountains of shit that would prevent us from doing so. We need a Free Sport for a Free People.



  2. Zirin’s talk is entertaining and thought-provoking. The most powerful thing Zirin had to say, IMO was that sports is not just for those who are talented but for everyone. This really speaks to me. Aside from a very recent love affair with the Chicago Cubs, I’ve hated sports for all my life. Built on the traumatic childhood memories of a super klutz, my intense hatred focused on the ugly aspects of sports – the competitive, macho, commercial aspects. My reasons for hating capitalism and hating sports seemed to be one and the same. Learning about baseball and falling in love with it has been quite the trip. I’m delighted to have been completely wrong about the game. It is by far the least macho sport, with very little physical contact and when played well, a pure joy to watch. What will I do all winter? Why Marxists are drawn to baseball is a very interesting question.


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