3 comments on “The North of Ireland Goes Green!

  1. Renegade Eye,

    Today I saw lysol in the supermarket that had a little green leaf on it to market that product’s “green” credentials That loyalists and Exxon promote their environmental awareness in marketing ploys goes to show how base capitalism can make any damn thing.

    It’s not that I am opposed to making choices in our lives that are “responsible” to the environment. Recycling is essential both in consumption and, more importantly, in production. Individually we also have any number of actions we can take.

    I am opposed to thinking that our personal choices got us into this mess and that personal choice can get us out. It’s how and why we produce things that is the problem, and that requires an entirely different, collective(ized) approach that disregards capital’s notions of “private property” and “growth” in a world where we are all intimately connected and resources are finite.



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