16 comments on “Two Words: Rahm Emanuel

  1. Blaming the unions for the dismantling of the middle class !?

    Taxes are the problem ? Not unbribled corporate control-power ? Not anti-union legislation ? Not deregulation ?

    I’m sorry Conser Reality but if you’re going to be an idiot you should really keep it to yourself. You should be ashamed to be so blind, so totally unaware of reality


  2. ConserReality,

    assuming your story isn’t a right wing fabrication (who is eligible for food stamps anymore?!), she probably does have a job. you’d be surprised at the number of people whose wages are so low, they have to go to food banks or get food stamps (if they can prove they are starving, which is about what you have to do now). try to eat a healthy diet on a shitty wage – it ain’t happening. besides, don’t kids have the right to fucking eat, regardless of what you may think of their parents?


  3. Listening to the likes of Carl Davidson, Tom Hayden and the other “Progressives for Obama,” I thought that the reformists were going to hold Obama’s “feet to the fire” so that guy’s like Emanuel wouldn’t be getting his ear, let alone, top posts in the new regime. And Emanuel’s only the tip of the ice berg; there are plenty more Clinton-era DLC types waiting in the wings for a chance to return to power. And a couple of Bush’s buddies as well!

    As laughable as it sounds, that’s what they said. Whether or not they took themselves seriously is another story. After all, they’ll go all out for any and every Democrat at the drop of a hat. Only what do they have to hold Obama, or any other bourgeois politician for that matter, with?

    They gave the man a blank check and took all of their followers off the streets in order to put them into the voting booths for the Democrats. Or, to be more accurate, they continued the work of keeping them off of the streets that they started in 2004 with “ABB” and repeated in 2006 with “Taking Back Congress.”

    Based on their lackluster performance during the 8 years of the Clinton administration, when they barely uttered a peep against the bombing of Iraq and Yugoslavia (amongst other things), don’t count on them doing that much “pressuring,” let alone protesting against Obama.

    Since they have constantly sabotaged any and every attempt at independent political activity in favor of “lesser evilism” they have absolutely no organizational vehicle to hold anyone to anything anywhere any ways.

    So maybe there was something to what that old sly boots Ralph Nader said a while back about how being taken for granted means being taken! Or what Malcolm X said about how putting the Democrats first ensures that the Democrats put their faithful followers last.


  4. man I have heard that story about standing in line watching a mom buy something on stamps soooooooo many times!!! what number is that in right wing talking points??? it must be at least in the top ten. get a new line! especially since ALMOST NO ONE is on welfare in this country anymore. unless you’re a drug company or a defense contractor. ANd ON that heaven forbid we help a mother of four buy groceries!!! whats next??? we look out for her well being with decent healthcare??? boy that would spell the demise of civilization!


  5. Why is it that when the rich rob the public of $700 billion for their gambling debts it’s all honky-dory but when some some poor shmuck gets over for a few bucks every now and then it’s treated as if it were the Brinks Job? It’s thinking like this that helps keep the whole damned system of institutionalized robbery without guns, otherwise known as capitalism, going.

    I don’t suppose it ever dawned on “ConserReality” that “the Mother of 4” spending “Gov’t money” at some point in her life probably had a job. That means that she had taxes taken out of her paycheck by the “Gov’t.” Hence that “Gov’t money” that she is spending was partially created by her labor power.

    Furthermore, in the course of performing that job she was only compensated, i.e., paid, for the time that she worked, not for what she produced while working. The bosses and their “Gov’t” took that. In plain English, she, like all workers, was robbed. But I don’t seem to have read any complaints about that.

    As Mack the Knife once said, “what’s robbing a bank, compared to owning one!”


  6. No need in getting defensive…stay on the offensive….its more fun. It is healthy, hair raising debates like this that create answers. If I agreed with everything then who would want to read these blog’s. Having said that, if those on welfare do not take ownership in their own future then they will never get off welfare.
    Not to make this debate boring, but I agree with you on the bail out. Big problem I see with our country is too many people are waiting for their “bail out”.



  7. ConserReality,

    You don’t get to insult me on my own blog. And keep your filthy fingers off the keyboard when thinking about those “fortunate” enough to have to rely on, entirely meager, assistance to eat from a government that just gave $700 billion to bail out bankers. Last warning. We don’t, unfortunately, have a proletarian dictatorship but I do have a delete button.



  8. RR,
    If only things were as simply as your mind. It does not matter what you make…..I know your mind is smoking now. All these Gov’t taxes are breaking the backs of the consumer. Raising min wage…HA…what good does it do to make 45% more if you pay 45% more for EVERYTHING! Also the bottom line is most people make enough money to live;however, they spend more money than they make. I stand in line at the grocery store watching the Mother of 4 ,ahead of me, paying for her groceries with Gov’t money while she talks on her blackberry and watchs the cashier ring up her buggy full of frozen dinners. WAKE UP AMERICA!


  9. So how much does the highest paid worker (not counting A-Rod) get compared to the average Wall Street whiz-kid crap-shooters with their seven figure salaries and golden parachutes? And they screwed up on the job and got $700 billion back for their troubles. When workers screw up they get shown the door. And what was the “job” that they screwed up? Gambling. Is anyone going to repay workers for betting on the Tigers or the Mets?

    Most of the time that workers get the heave-ho, its not for they’re having done anything wrong to begin with. Either their bosses, who make all the decisions, fucked up. Or, more likely, their bosses’ system, otherwise known as capitalism, fucked up. Only it would be more accurate to say that capitalism didn’t really fuck up, even though it’s a totally fucked up system for the vast majority of those who live under it. it just functioned as it always has, by way of bust-and-boom cycles of overproduction.

    The problem is that since capitalism operates without any kind of planning, each individual capitalist has to produce as much stuff as possible to stay ahead of the others. But since the greedy workers aren’t paid enough to buy it all back, we have a problem on our hands. Hence, a crisis ensues, until wages and living standards are driven down even further. Then the poor capitalists can re-open their factories and go back to business as usual…until the next round. Only workers will be even further behind than they were before. Hence the mountain of debt that those greedy workers piled up to pay for such “luxuries” as housing, food and health care. Sure sounds great…as long as you’re not one of the workers.

    On an unedited episode of the original Star Trek, Mr. Spock seemed perplexed how there could be societies in which those who did all the work got nothing and those who did nothing got all the riches that those who did all the work produced. It just wasn’t “logical” he thought. Apparently, he never visited capitalist America. Our friend, Nick, on the other hand, is another story. While I assume he resides on the same planet (and in the same country) as we do, he appears to be not only less observant than Spock was, but far less logical as well.


  10. Nick,

    So let me get this right. The less money that workers make, the better the economy? Isn’t that why the housing bubble and credit markets collapsed? Workers couldn’t repay the loans in their overvalued houses? Wait, if they made even less they could live in card board boxes. No loans necessary, just look in the trash behind the local Walmart where you work. Your days are up my friend. Neo-liberal capitalism- the race to the bottom- not the workers movement destroyed the economy. The most sustained growth in our economy (the 50’s and 60’s) also saw a generally sustained growth in wages and benefits. Not coincidentally this was also the high water mark of US trade unions. How much do you make? I’m betting its too much.



  11. I just love that picture of auto workers in what looks to be the 40’s or 50’s holding signs saying make detroit a union town……they did……and that’s why it’s a run down, depressing region today, Just like Pittsburgh was when the steel industry collapsed from 40 dollar an hour jobs.


  12. Yeah, and Al Bore for Secretary of Humanitarian Mass Murder…DU and cluster bombs with a smile rather than a smirk. Make’s all the difference in the world to a liberal!


  13. Timothy,

    Precisely. It’s funny the first hundred times you see it. After that it’s a little sad. We hear now that Robert Gates may be asked to stay on as Defense Secretary. Look out, more “change” is coming. Though I imagine there will also be appointments that will please the “left” coming soon. He can’t just recycle the Bush and Clinton administrations can he?



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