4 comments on “Fast Food, Horse Farms and the Bonnie “Prince”

  1. Eric,

    Nothing like the old growth Hemlocks of the Porkies– the Jewel in Michigan’s Rusty Crown. And the Hocking Hills are something else as well. Brad- thanks for the videos. I wonder if Bloomington is anywhere near the place Debs made his start. Might be fun to find remnants of Eugene’s remarkable life on the way down…sans fast food.



  2. Good Kentucky drives:
    Slave fences:
    http://www.thecommercejournal.com/Other-US-Local-Businesses/171036.htm Quote:
    I’ve always heard it was slaves, however I just found this:

    In fact, this part of Kentucky is home to the most extensive collection of dry masonry quarried stone fences still standing in the United States today. Known locally as slave fences, they were actually built by Irish stonemasons who immigrated into the Bluegrass in the early to mid-l9th century. These masons passed the craft along to slaves who became master artisans themselves and further passed the craft on to other black artisans, giving rise to the popular labeling of the rock fences as “slave walls”.”

    Some of the Great hemlock stands around can be found in Cook Forest in pennsylvania, Hocking hill in Ohio and the Porcupine mountains in the UP. Nothing better the sitting by a creek in hemlock forest in climax.

    The Great Eastern Hemlock:


  3. That version of “A Change is Gonna Come” was stunning. This is a guy who has covered everything from R. Kelly to the Misfits, and we saw him play his most deft card yet. Stirring.
    He’s is playing again in March in Bloomington, Indiana. Google Maps says it’s only an hour farther than Lexington. There is really nothing finer than a lazy road trip to see Will Oldham recraft his songbook on the fly.
    Although, personally, I’m never eating fast food again. Ever.
    Youtube of the show:
    A Change is Gonna Come

    Ohio River Boat Song


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