6 comments on “Ch-Ch-Changes: Obama’s Back to the Future Cabinet

  1. Now that Obama has picked economic advisers that Carl Rove feels at home with, isn’t it time for the left to look reality in the face instead of keeping their heads up the Democrat’s derrieres and acting as if “everything is possible” because the preferred candidate of the capitalist class won.

    Indeed, the whole Obama phenomenon has been a media-made production from the get-go as the latest “outsider” to serve as the favorite son of Wall Street peddled his sound-byte banalities and platitudes about “change” and “hope” while all the time embracing the standard “right-of-center” DLC agenda of increased aggression abroad and austerity at home for anyone who bothered to listen. With a hated colonial war and an economic collapse intersecting, it was finally the chance for “Anybody but Bush,” as both the ruling and ruled classes had had their fill of the GOP’s mismanagement of both.

    Far from being any kind of “insurgency” based on a “mass movement” the way Jesse Jackson’s campaigns could have once claimed to have been, Obama’s was a top-down internet fan club that mesmerized the burned out baby boomers, New Left left-overs and cyber-Stalinists like Carl Davidson desperate to finally get a Democrat into the White House. Had Hillary Clinton won the nomination instead, not only would we see the same cabinet appointees, but the same crowd of button-wearing fashionistas and “mass-movement” tailing fake-leftists, only they’d be enthusing over the first woman president instead of the first Black one. One thing we can be sure they won’t be doing is organizing any kind of opposition to Obama’s wars and austerity attacks (“shared sacrifices”) just as they sat on their hands during the eight years of Clinton’s NAFTA neo-liberalism and “muscular internationalism.” That will be our job.


  2. Why would the “pundits…from “The Nation,” being a bunch of petty-bourgeois (if not out-and-out bourgeois, in the case of Katrina vanden Heuvel) rad-libs, who envision all “progressive” social change (i.e., “reforming” capitalism) taking place though the medium of parliamentary “possibilist” politics be interested in “build(ing) a labor party,” i.e., an expression of independent working class politics? Their inevitable support for Obama, or any and every other Democrat, is something that should be taken for granted, even if an occasional word or two of “criticism” may go along with it.

    If and when workers in this country begin to exert their political independence as a class, it will require the smashing of the ideological stranglehold that both bourgeois liberalism and petty-bourgeois “progressivism” hold over their consciousness. I don’t think that editors of “The Nation” or any others of that ilk will look too kindly on that taking place. After all Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney aren’t exactly that radical but look at the response that they received from that milleau.


  3. Right from the horses mouth (CNN) …

    “President-elect Barack Obama is drawing early praise from former top Bush-aide Karl Rove.

    Rove, widely credited with orchestrating President Bush’s two successful presidential campaigns, writes in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that Obama has assembled a “first rate” economic team that has “provided surprisingly positive clarity.”

    Specifically, Rove praises Obama’s choice of New York Fed Chairman Timothy Geithner for Treasury Secretary and Obama’s pick of Larry Summers, the former Treasury Secretary and President of Harvard University, as chief of the National Economic Council.”

    Now that we’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth, let’s see what those on the other end of the horse (or donkey, to be more accurate), i.e., “Progressives for Obama” and the rest of the mainstream liberal-left , have to say.


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