One comment on “Refounding the Left: Taking Our Past Into Our Future

  1. Isn’t this Solidarity stuff a bit stale by now? How much longer are these guys going to make a living off of decrying the “party-building” failings of the 60s and 70s left when they’ve fared even worse since the 1980s with their “regroupment” racket? I can’t seem to recall any successful examples of the latter that Solidarity has initiated or participated in…other than getting a few members of the FIT (myself included) to join as individuals back in 1992. I don’t seem to recall Solidarity playing a major role in the global justice or the antiwar movement either…unlike some of the ostensible “Leninist” organizations that they hold up as strawmen. They couldn’t even put out a newspaper before websites gave them an excuse not to. Meanwhile, they continue with their anti “vanguardism” song and dance, which has become as cliche as the “revolution’s around the corner” cliches they regularly rail against. Of course, in a period of despair and disarray, there’s always the chance that they might pick up a few stragglers from the “vanguard” groups who can then provide evidence of the later’s decay and give the former an excuse to go on. However, I think John MacAnulty was pretty accurate when he described them as “always (involving) a new unity project, always the project involves a movement to the right, the project fails, with the socialists moved to the right, the spiral begins again.” Only in this case the rhetoric is not much different than it was in 1986 or 1992 for all the talk about the other groups’ obsessions with 1905 or 1917 and the spiral remains as on the right today as it was back then.


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