3 comments on “The Rustbelt’s Tips for Weathering the Recession

  1. erice,

    I worked in grocery stores cutting meat for too many years and can attest to the efficacy of your excellent advice. One place I worked at in Detroit (perhaps the last grocery store in Detroit?) we had to bang on the trash compactor before we used it to make sure that any unfortunates dumpster diving would be warned before they were crushed. Eventually The Man took to padlocking the dumpster and food had to be liberated down one’s pants. A bit more dangerous perhaps, but with the baggy aesthetic these days most young folks should have room.



  2. one other piece of advice, if there is any way to get a shift at a grocery store, even 4 hours, the ability to supplement your food goes up dramatically; How it could be done: as you are cleaning and mopping knock groceries off the shelf into your garbage bag, throw said garbage bag in the outside dumpster. come back that night and get said garbage bag. go home and eat like a king. this method kept me fed for most of the 1990’s. and if your lucky get that one shift at a health food store. you’ll be eating organic to boot! now getting that shift is the hard part.


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