2 comments on “The News of Gaza

  1. when asked what would you do if people were firing rockets into your country, I say I would start by not creating a racist settler state that disposes, murders and humiliates its indigenous population. my guess is if you had not done that those dispossesed would not be trying to fire rockets into that country made for one religion in the exclusions of others. Susan you are so right on with this. Im sure if you had read stories of native Americans during the United States period of Manifest Destiny last century, they would be savages, murderers of women and children…. after their almost complete inialation after 400 years of constant resistance by our own Settler Nation, we now have Hollywood making “Dances with Wolves” because it is now safe to do so, the genocide has been complete. they can become human again because they are no longer a threat this racist project. LETS NOT LET ISRAEL 100 YEARS FROM NOW MAKE THEIR Own “DANCES WITH MAHMUD”!!! FREE PALESTINE!


  2. Israel could have stopped the rockets being fired from Gaza. It only had to end the siege. This it refused to do.

    Israel wants and needs war to justify its occupation of Palestinian land.

    No matter how patient, how moderate, or how conciliatory the Palestinians have been, Israel continues to take away their land. There comes a time when people will choose to die on their feet than to live on their knees.

    Hamas fires rockets into Israel for the same reason that Palestinian children throw stones at Israeli soldiers and slaves spit in the soup of their masters — they refuse to submit to their oppressors.

    There is only one solution to this conflict. The Jewish state must be replaced by a democratic, secular state that grants equal rights to ALL of its residents.

    As long as Israel remains a Jewish state, it will oppress the Palestinians, and they will fight back with every means at their disposal.


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