One comment on “Hopes for the New Year

  1. For all the hope for change that the reformist left bought into, now that Obama is about to assume office, does anyone, outside of, perhaps, Carl Davidson, still believe that there will be any profound change in US policy in the Middle East, short of a few thousand troops leaving Iraq…for Afghanistan? Does anyone really think that Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to suddenly tell their Israeli pit bull to lay off Gaza?

    Insofar as symbolism goes, the question is who really benefits from the symbol, the masses of Black workers who voted for him or the white ruling class who pulls his strings since they bought and paid for his services? Wall Street wouldn’t have made Obama their favorite son if they had even the slightest doubts on that. Given that Obama’s job is to make use of his novelty status to better enforce austerity at home and imperialist aggression, against mostly dark-skinned people, overseas, it should be obvious who will be coming out on top here.

    Of course, when austerity is the only game plan on the bosses agenda, symbolism is about as good as good is going to get. Only it won’t put anyone to work or put a roof over their heads or a meal on their plates. Obama will be following in the footsteps of the many Black Democrats who served as big city mayors and gutted municipal services and payrolls at the behest of Wall Street or their local stand-ins. Where he really becomes dangerous is in regards to “reforming,” ie, destroying, Social Security and Medicare. Remember it was Democrat Clinton, not Reagan or Bush I who killed off welfare. As for national health care, look at who he appointed to be Surgeon General, the guy who attacked Michael Moore’s Sicko movie on behalf of the medical moguls.

    I only hope that a small portion of the workers who voted for this fraud finally wake up and start to look to their left for a real alternative. Only we have to help construct that alternative, since the mainstream liberal left “progressive” milleau not only never will, but will do everything possible to make sure that it never happens.


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