2 comments on “MLK Was Not a Recruiting Agent for Habitat for Humanity

  1. MN Roy,

    All of the things you say about MLK’s positive role and contributions are certainly true. With hindsight and compared to current political “leadership” King’s enormous contributions and principles stand out even more. It is also true that had I been around in those turbulent times I would surely have had some sympathy with those who gave him a radical critique.



  2. While MLK was not about to join the Fourth International, let’s not overlook the fact that he was moving considerably to the left when he was gunned down. Indeed, that move certainly played a role in his being knocked off. Even an stalwart revolutionary like Malcolm X never fully embraced Marxism, yet that doen’t prevent us from honoring him for being the outstanding revolutionary figure that he was.

    King not only opposed the war in Vietnam but began to question capitalism as a system and was beginning to see things from a rich versus poor perspective, rather than from a class struggle revolutionary socialist one. Hence his “Poor Peoples Campaign,” an orientation which Democratic party shills and petty bourgeois hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Andrew Young opposed as much as the mainstream civil rights leadership opposed King’s linking the anti-racist struggle to the anti-war movement. If any major figure of the period had the potential to unite those two movements with the more “left wing” unions, which were beginning to oppose the war as well, it was King. Small wonder he was killed off at that time.

    As someone who died opposing the US war in Vietnam, King has nothing in common with the likes of US imperialism’s new murderer-in-chief, Barack Obama, who invoked “Khe Sanh” in his coronation speech in yet another attempt to rehabilate that losing colonial war. Nor does a man of principle like King, who risked isolation for his beliefs, have much in common with Obama’s liberal-left apologists. The latter have about as much principle as the Detroit Lions had wins this past season. Indeed, the real King is far more of a hero for our side, than even the fairy tale version of him, could be for theirs.


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