8 comments on “In Praise of “Infantile” Rebellions

  1. Just shared this with my homies (and Murdoch & the NSA) on FaceBook. Ill pass along any responses.

    Up The Baldies!
    Up Cincy SHARP!



  2. Hey Alex,

    A year or two later and RASH would have made it to Cincinnati. I actually think at the time we called ourselves the Anti-Racism League- sort of midway between the Anti-Nazi League and Anti-Racist Action.



  3. Jessica,

    Your husband was much more handsome then. Not surprising since that was 30,000 beers ago. No joke, your old man has always had it going on. I think we saw every one of the bands above together along with many hundreds of others.



  4. MMMMMM. Hard to believe my husband was once even hotter than he is now, but it looks like this is the case. On our second date we realized we were both socialists. Jay told me about SHARP and it was love love love!!!! Very cool to see the whole gang.


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