4 comments on “Tony Blair: Obscurantist Wingnut

  1. it says something about Blair’s ego that he has to imagine an all powerful supreme being to even consider the possibility of feeling humble.


  2. Since Blair is very much an Englishman perhaps he refers to those heady days of Pope Adrian IV as a time when his faith had its “rightful place”. Oh to go back to those glory days of the 12th century where there was a place for everyone and everyone knew their place! Mick- I think the US ruling class are the last ones to take the windbag seriously. He’ll probably move here like those deposed Latin American dictators and make 100 grand a speech.



  3. I am tempted to use my (limited) knowledge of psychoanalysis for analyzing the head who produced that crap … “restoring religious faith to its rightfull place” sounds really scaring, did he mean, that there was a time when “religious faith had its rightfull place”?


  4. What is it with Blair and the USA, this guy does not have a moral bone in his body, he lies, cheats and steals, all on the bases of self interest? Christianity does not change, now does it. Prayer breakfast my arse, just another opportunity to network for those on the make. Did the Bankers, loan sharks and asset strippers turn up?


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