8 comments on “Darwin, Marx, Engels and All That

  1. Dave, Thanks for the heads up. I hope to read Foster et al’s book soon. I’m not surprised that the NYTimes was decent on Darwin. The Bourgeoisie relies on science too- despite the ravings of the former President. For some reason I seem to be all about the 19th Century these days. I agree with Eric that Engels is the shit, regardless of the fact that the previous 150 years have not borne out all his assertions. His method of approach is what is so illuminating. Here’s another interesting essay from Engels “Natural Science and the Spirit World” weakyknee and a, I’ve never heard of the Orlando thing. Reason #23,146 to avoid Florida. The Cincinnati “museum” is pulling in the numbers. In its fist 8 weeks one hundred thousand souls went through its doors. Reason #11,791 that Cincinnati is a great place to leave.



  2. I forgot to mention that I have also been reading the recent book by Foster et al ‘Critique of Intelligent Design’. It is quite good at providing a historical overview going beyond run of the mill anti-creationist arguments to illuminate the underlying political controversies.


  3. I thought the article the NY Times published on Feb 9th was quite good and informative on how Darwin’s reception has changed over time:

    The historian Adrian Desmond who has written a bios of Darwin and other earl evolutionist and who has done much to illuminate the intimate connections in 19th century thought between evolutionary and socialist ideas has recent research and a new book claiming that Darwin was motivated by a hatred of Slavery, quite interesting:


  4. It’s ‘Answers Month’ at the Creation Museum! I wonder what the question is… This place is not as over the top as The Holy Land Experience in Orlando (it isn’t in Orlando after all)
    http://www.holylandexperience.com/ but to me it’s a little creepier and insidious because it actually thinks it’s a real museum.


  5. what to me is so obvious by Engel’s remarks is, that however “radical” Darwin was, Engels was so much more. Darwin was purposefully timid in his articulation of the scientific method,, Marx and Engels today would break all the eggs that needed broken. What Mark Twain was to literaure, Engels was to science, in a sense ALWAYS ahead of his time. The 19th century Engels could debate with the 21st century Richard Dawkins with all our knowledge of DNA and atomic structure and still have the correct method, Scientific socialism, the dialectic, stripping ourselves of our own class and state prejudices. what he said, that it is both “harmony and collision” is still, to this day, both scientifically measurable, and radical.


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