4 comments on “Norman Finkelstein in Ann Arbor

    • I totally agree with you, he is a man of principle and integrity who puts the truth before his own ambitions and career. Of course people don’t want to listen, when has it been any different when a courageous person holds up a mirror to the oppressor who believes they are the oppressed, those who abuse history to further their own ends and to ensure that their distorted and mendacious interpretation of the past and present remains the established version of truth? Even a cursory study of the history of Palestine would lead the logical person to reject the US/Israeli interpretation of the history of the region, never mind those who undertake serious and detailed research. But I am less despairing than I was, more and more people refuse to turn reality on its head, to borrow a phrase from Norman himself. Hope and courage!


  1. Thankfully Finkelstein will be swinging back through the area. I couldn’t see him last night, I hope to get to Detroit.

    Detroit, MI
    Sponsors: Muslim Law Student Association, Undergraduate Muslim Student Association, Middle Eastern Law Student Association

    Spencer M. Partrich Auditorium,
    Wayne State University Law School,
    471 West Palmer Street,
    Detroit, MI 48202

    12:15- 1:30

    Lena, labuelroos{at}gmail.com, 586-651-0166


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