6 comments on “Bibi, Guadeloupe, Karzai, Prop Joe

  1. RR:

    Insofar as Obama and his “leftist” lieutenants go, we both called it right from the get go. Unfortunately, as a fellow named Leon Trotsky once pointed out, predicting setbacks isn’t the best way to increasie one’s popularity. Maybe that’s why the ISO is having such a hard time of seeing it like it is. Can’t alienate all those middle class students with their “hopes” for “change.”

    Besides, I don’t think that the professional petty-bourgeois “progressive” milleau will ever learn anything anyway. Anything new that is. They already learned a lifetime of reformism, courtesy of the Stalin School of Class Collaboration, second generation and these old dogs ain’t about to learn any new tricks. If, or rather, when. they realize that Obama is like Bill Clinton minus the screwing around with interns stuff, they’ll just look for another Democrat to sell their services to.

    However, there’s always the possibility that the workers and youth, who voted for Obama because they opposed the war or “the bastards who led us into this mess” that Obama has put on welfare, will. Then perhaps we can see, or rather, help create another “anti-capitalist” movement like the one that came out of the Battle of Seattle (under Clinton) or an anti-war movement like the one that emerged against Democrat LBJ’s war in Vietnam, only this time with a program and perspective of class struggle.

    As for Obama’s budget, which the ISO actually thinks is a great step forward compared to those of Bush, you can’t even buy a beer and a pack of cigarettes with what his weekly tax break amounts to or a monthly NYC subway pass with a month’s worth. I guess that’s what the “change” Obama promised amounted to…$13.00 a week!


  2. MN Roy,

    “The question for the pro-Obama “left” is whether they will follow the logic of their politics and become supporters of Obama’s wars in spite of the slap in the face he just gave them or will that slap finally wake some or any of them up.” Good question. And then there’s question of the left that thinks that movements are only built with said progressives. What will they learn? I am a not at all surprised that Obama followed through on his campaign pledge to escalate the war, I am a little taken a back at how easily the lingua imperium has flowed from his tongue though. I guess he’s a quick learner. Holbrooke, Ross and Hillary say it all about the foreign policy team.

    As for the “stimulus package” what the hell is so different from the “trickle down” economy Obama has pledged to abandon with the forking over of 100’s of billions to private companies in the hope they will employ folks (not a mention of “at decent wages”)? Hmmm, nothing but the size of the giveaway and the fact that with Reagan it was tax breaks and with Obama it is with our taxes. And roads? WE DON’T NEED ROADS. Roads are for private transportation. Another giveaway to private industry. We need public transportation obviously. Obama’s policies are bad news for workers and good news for the bastards who led us into this mess. I hope the stars fall quickly from the eyes of those who thought Obama might usher in a New Dawn, he’s just another shady capitalist politician. That’s why he got the job.



  3. Anyone who fancies him or herself some kind of “leftist” or “radical” and still entertains illusions in Obama as being “anti-war” should take a look at his most recent speech about why he is NOT ending the occupation or Iraq.

    This was a speech that was hailed by the likes of John McCain and was given after Obama spoke to none other than George Bush himself. Not that Obama would need any advice or help in advancing the interests of America’s ruling rich.

    However, just like Bush would always do, he gave this speech in front of a military, rather than a civilian audience.

    Just like Bush, he spouted all sorts of lies to defend US imperialism waging an unprovoked war of aggression in order to get its hands on the spigot of Iraq’s oil. Only Obama is able to use words containing more than one syllable, so the liberal intellectuals can once again take pride in their empire. Never mind the million dead Iraqis or the four million made refugees by imperialism’s “noble” and “heroic” crusade, or even the four thousand working class GIs wasted in carrying it out.

    Finally, Obama, no more than Bush, did not “end the war” or “end the occupation.” He continued Bush’s strategy of withdrawing “combat” troops, ie, a minority of American forces, in order to send many of them to Afghanistan. The majority, the “non-combat” troops, including the mercenaries, remain to keep an eye on American “interests,” ie, the oil, and to keep the natives in line should any of them still choose to get restless.

    Far from being a “betrayal,” as many of the liberal-left will cry, Obama has been pushing this perspective from, at least, last summer, when he went on TV to hail Bush’s “surge” as a sucess. Indeed, at that point it became the preferred position of the ruling class as a whole.

    The question for the pro-Obama “left” is whether they will follow the logic of their politics and become supporters of Obama’s wars in spite of the slap in the face he just gave them or will that slap finally wake some or any of them up.


  4. I simply ADORE the liberal hypocrisy of the fake left. Bush warmongering= “BAD! Let’s protest!” Obama Warmongering= (a) “What are you talking about?” or (b) “Just trust Obama. He’s really a progressive and soon you’ll see the wisdom behind his plan”.

    Nice to see I’m not the lone radical blogger out in the rust belt. GREAT BLOG!


  5. the title of this post had me hooked straight away…..karzai and bibi can take a trip to a very warm place downstairs,but Guadeloupe is showing us ‘what is to be done’….and,yes,Prop Joe was one of the best characters i’ve ever seen on the telly,indeed(oh,that’s an Omarism)


  6. Omar to one side holding a spade, and maybe Marlo to the other with a shovel, and just at this moment, I manage to crawl out my own damn grave. No way do I crawl back in.
    Prop Joe……


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