3 comments on “Recession Notes: Not Another Highway

  1. The same people that say we have to work for peanuts to remain “competitive” say they have to be paid million to remain “competitve” how else are you going to get the best talent to run these companies into the ground! Times like these when you would like to see the red guards enter town and take the local banker to the pig farm for a little peasant rehabilitation………. another note they always point to how much mass transit like amtrak lose a year……. how much do you think they lose biuilding highways??? billions and billions. the more this goes on the more Im convinced of that “workers control of the means of production “part……….


  2. Sure,we all know the mass media is owned by the corporations (rulers),but it sure does seem that workers of any kind have to feel sorry and bow and scrape for any improvements in living standards that we have won over the years. The auto unions in the US take it on the chin and unionists in Ireland march with slogans hoping for a fairer deal.And at every opportunity the capitalist class turns the screws and makes us pay for EVERYTHING!!!!!
    We can’t have new schools,hospitals or public transport systems in our cities unless WE PAY.But your Madoffs and your AIG execs can have bonuses that would eradicate illiteracy in a small to medium sized country!!!!!Its messed up and people are ANGRY!!!!!!And we vote for change and we get Rudd in Australia and Obama in the States. I for one don’t want Rudd or Obama.At the least I want a Chavez or a Morales.But,give me a Lenin or a Trotsky to vote for and I would do double backflips from here(Japan) to Idaho. Why? Because those guys spoke the TRUTH!


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