3 comments on “Obama’s Lame Ass Response to Marijuana Legalization

  1. I respect Obama he is a talented politician, President Obama seems to posse’s insightful, reasonable judgment on many issues, although in the case of marijuana prohibition laws I find Obama’s choice to answer with mocking humor to be lacking. Smoking marijuana is an easy thing to laugh about, it seems there is something about being stoned that brings a smile to people’s faces, however marijuana prohibition is not a joke. We should not be making jokes as millions of Americans are arrested for being caught on the wrong side of moral politicking, we should not laugh as we spend over 30 billion dollars a year going after Americans for smoking weed, we should not giggle and poke fun as we watch billions of dollars in tax revenue slip through our fingers each year, and should we not be jolly as thousands of people are murdered by cartels profiting from America’s moral hypocrisy. I believe there are profound latent consequences in prohibition that are not even factored in to our assessments of the effects of illegality, such as how we view the rule of law and the role of law enforcement in the community, the divisiveness between users and non users, the stigma of mental shock of incarceration. I say pot prohibition is no joke it has real costs paid for in real lives. Freedom is achieved in a country by placing responsibility in the hands of the citizen and not by the state legally enforcing morality.


  2. Thoams Paine said, “Those who advocate for a riged government and those who advocate for a liberal government are both mistake, for they presume to have powers they do not”

    Besides to many weed was the original sacriment, consider HErodotus mentions how the Scythians thre bricks of weed over a fire and trapt themselves in the smoke with a tent. I have covered all of this in my book Father and Son, East is West, The Buddhist sources to Christianity and their influence on medieval myths; in short Herodotus mentions that the Scythians, or Saka, even the Goths, did not inhale the herb to “induce euphoria” (tell this to the judge). Simarly the Buddhist, strictly for medical reasons, were allowed to take a sana sauna ( sana being weed ) and although there is no mention of them smoking da herb, the monastic code mentions pipes and bongs used to smoke herbs for medical reasons.


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