4 comments on “I (HEART) Mekons

  1. Then there’s the New Communist Party of Britain (it’s not that Great), The Communist Party Alliance (they HATE revisionism) and the more humble Revolutionary Communist Group. I’m not sure if Langford is a group joiner (other than a musical group joiner- I think he’s in thirteen bands). Surely somewhere out there is someone who knows. Since I feel like a fellow traveler of the Mekons I have no problem with Mekons as fellow travelers of the left. Don’t they have footnotes to Engels in their liner notes somewhere? He wrote Abernant 84/85, what more can one ask?

    In all seriousness at a Mekons show many years ago I was handing out fliers for an anti-Klan benefit and with utter sincerity Jon came up to me to say he wished they could play for it and had a chat about the scene. I ended up getting, well, a little drunk with them. As they were packing up the van they graciously donated the rest of the basket of cheer given to them by the venue to the cause of that night’s party. The Mekons are Rock n’ Roll mensches of the first order.

    I have other Mekons stories but they are far too embarrassing to relate.


  2. These videos are just tremendous. They are exactly what you claim!
    Here is a question for all you Rustbelt readers:
    What left group or tendency is Jon Langford or the other Mekons associated with either now or in the past? I once heard a comrade say “he’s with the CPGB, I think”, but did not mention if that was
    a) The CPGB of “Weekly Worker” fame
    b) The CPGB (M-L), the anti-revisionist group led by Halpar Brar.
    c) The CPB, the mainstream old CP
    d) The RCPB, who I think used to be pro-Hoxha
    e) Some other tendency that also uses the words “Communist”,
    “Party” “Great” and “Britain”, in some combination or including
    other words.
    What we do know is he has a generally favorable line on Stalin and his historical legacy. But that doesn’t help us figure out which M-L group he runs with!
    Any and all information would delight and inform the Mekon’s fan base, which seriously overlaps with the Leftist Trivia fan base, both of which over lap with The Rustbelt Radical’s readership.


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