One comment on “Queimada!

  1. Along with Costa-Gavras’ “Z” and “State of Siege,” “Burn!”” is one the best left-wing films of the late ’60s. None of the liberal-left message movies you mention even come close, and that’s not only because of the politics of the directors but because of the overall level of consciousness and struggle that existed back then as opposed to now. The opening sequence is rivaled only by that of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” and both were done before modern computer animation was around. By the way, I think that the music is a version of the Maoist anthem, “the East is Red.”

    The best lines that I can remember are:

    From the viewpoint of the bourgeoisie: Marlon Brando using the differences between marriage and prostitution to illustrate to the superiority of wage slavery over chattel salvery to the local capitalists and landowners he’s trying to win over to the British-backed revolt;

    From the viewpoint of the workers and peasants: One of Delores’ comrades telling Brando that even if a man is no longer formerly a slave and is now called a worker, he’s still not free and it’s time to stop cutting down sugar and start cutting off heads.

    Incidentally, both the names Jose Delores and William Walker come from the struggle in Nicaragua in the mid 1800s as in Alex Cox’s “Walker” film from the late 1980s.

    There is a new (2004) edition that has an additional 20 minutes of what the Washington Post called “Marxist musings on the direction of history…in favor of revolution.” Sounds good to me!


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