One comment on “Obama: Blackness and the Banks

  1. So let me get this straight. If Obama dons a dashiki, sports a ‘fro and talks a little jive now and then, his bailing out the banksters and bombing the crap out of other “people of color” in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan on behalf of the overwhelmingly white ruling class would be OK?

    Malcolm X once said that the Dysons of his day put the Democrats first while the Democrats put them last. It’s not as if there are many Black people running Citibank, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley the last time I looked. And even if there were, so what. Unless one’s worldview is similar to that of my Jewish relatives whose first response to anything and everything was always “what’s in it for the Jews?”

    Indeed, Democrat David Dinkins, the first Black mayor of NYC was far more honest and up front than Dyson and the rest of Obama’s Black and “left” apologists when he said that “they’ll take it from me” when dishing out devastating cutbacks and layoffs back in the early 1990s. And insofar as getting anything from Obama goes, austerity attacks is about all they’re gonna’ get since somebody’s got to pay for the Wall Street welfare at home and the imperialist wars overseas and it’s obviously not going to be the ruling rich.


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