One comment on “It’s the Dems War Now (as it always was)

  1. These days the Democrats don’t even bother pretending to be “anti-war” since they take the support of the liberal “left” progressive milleau for granted. Obama, for instance, made no secret about his support for the “good” war in Afghanistan from the get-go. Nor did he ever claim to be in favor of actually withdrawing from Iraq either. And he was even more gung-ho when it came to putting Wall Street on welfare than McCain was back in October when Washington started bailing out the bankers big time. What he did promise was to be the best man for the job of refurbishing imperailism’s image overseas while selling austerity at home.

    Only the mainstream left in this country, not to mention the leaderships of the labor, Black and womens movements, are so attached to the Democratic party that they will support any Democrat any time no matter how much their agenda goes against the interests of their membership, since the Republican is always bound to be even worse. One of the many benefits the”two-parrty system” provides for the one party of capital that really calls the shots under “western-style democracy.”

    So UFPJ, the “respectable” wing of the anti-war movement, spent more of the last four years keeping people off of the streets and steering them into the voting booths for pro-war Democrats in the name of “Anybody but Bush” (or McCain) than in bringing people out to actually oppose the war. Now that they finally got a Democrat in the White House, they can’t bring anti-war activists out into the streets any more!

    Let’s hope that those of us in the real left can take advantage of the confluence of a pair of unpopular wars and an economic crisis to undo some of the damage that the reformist left has saddled us with, especially as Obama shows that hoping for change from him means little, or no, change at all for us.


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