10 comments on “Iran: Just What the Hell is Going On?

  1. I totally agree with the last sentence of your response about opposing US interference in Iran. Only the liberal-left’s cheer-leading for Mousavi is just so much more greasing the skids for the imperialist intervention we both oppose. And while I don’t think think that there is really anything “populist” or “anti-imperialist” about A’jad, I don’t think that the US, the UK and their prostitute press and liberal-left lap dogs would be supporting any kind of “progressive” movement in Iran or anywhere else for that matter.


  2. MN Roy,

    Iran is not the Soviet Union. It is a reactionary theocracy. While I have nothing but contempt for Mousavi (whose resume includes the wholesale murder of the Iranian left in the early 80s) and Rafsanjani (the richest man in Iran), if Ahmadinejad and Ali Khamenei are anti-imperialists then it is the anti-imperialism of fools. This is not simply some orchestrated CIA coup as far as I can tell (and none of us know exactly what is going on- but, despite what the Western media would like to believe, I just don’t see it as some simple struggle between anti- and pro- imperialists). I find it incredible to believe that tens of thousands of Iranian young people are braving death so they can join the Empire. If it were a fight between Iran and the US I know where I stand, but it is a fight within Iran in which, I would hope, the Iranian left will find a way to independence of the two leaderships while supporting legitimate demands of the mass movement. If I would never have supported martial law in Poland or tanks in Prague how could I possibly support the basiji mowing down young people in Tehran for their “liberal” heresies? If Ahmadinejad is so much better for workers why does he insist on jailing all of the trade union leaders. He gives them the dole and prison if they ask for more. Hardly a good deal. In any case as a US leftist I feel my responsibility is not to tell the Iranians what to do, but to organize against any intervention of imperialism, which can only prop up the worst of the regime that both Mousavi and Ahmadinejad represent while strengthening the empire.



  3. Seems like Soros, Ackerman and the rest of the “color-coded” counter-revolution crowd are at it again. Every time some pro-West, pro “free market” candidate loses and cries foul, hoards of internet-addicted yuppies, usually well-to-do students, take to the streets in the name of “democracy” and garner tons of symapthetic press coverage in the West. Funny, the fans of “democracy” didn’t seem to mind the pro-US PAN party rigging the elections in Mexico a few years back even though the majority of Mexican workers and peasants did.

    While the imperialists were succesful in Serbia, Georgia and the Ukraine in ousting rulers who were a torn in their sides, they got their asses kicked in Venezuela when they tried the same thing. Now doubt their recent success in Lebanon has bouyed their confidence. And now with Obama in the Oval Office, the liberal left (see The Nation in particular) has no qualms about openinly lining up with the pro-imperialist side.

    One thing’s for sure, you won’t find many workers or poor in the pro-Mousavi demos. While A’jad may not be any great shakes, he at least will keep them on the dole as opposed to the “privitizers” supporting Mousavi. And living in a country like the US, where there is next to no dole (out side of Bob and pineapple) I can understand why Iranian workers would prefer a roof over their head and food on their plate over the “freedom” that allows petty bouregois “democrats” to masterbate at the mouth over the internet with their counterparts in the West. Those far leftists and even Trotskyists swooning over the “Iranian Revolution” ought to remember what came out of similar such developments in the USSR and Eastern Europe twenty years ago.


  4. One thing, if you fly the Shah era Iranian flag (the one with the lion on it) at demonstrations, I will not be in a United Front with you. period.


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  6. I knew several Iranians who were members of the Worker Communist Party of Iran in Ottawa in the 1990’s. They were committed revolutionaries and I thought their politics were pretty decent over all.


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