6 comments on “A Spanish Spectre

  1. It is pretty much established that Stalinists from the German International Brigade removed Nin from the prison and murdered him. I asked Broue about this when he was alive and he said their are now letters from German communists documenting this.


    • Thanks Dave.

      If it weren’t for the MIA, half the posts on this blog wouldn’t be possible. Serge’s words are so powerful. In my opinion, at some point Lenin’s hideous mausoleum (how Lenin would have DESPISED it!) should be converted into a museum commemorating Stalinist crimes against the working class. Those letters would work well in the, large, display on Spain.

      Yeah, the photos are so great because of what they photograph!


  2. Great piece! I want to send it around. The photos too deserve a permanent place. WEll done.

    D. Walters
    Leon Trotsky Internet Archive
    Spanish History Archive


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  4. Excellent piece, great photos. While Nin had his disagreements with Trotsky (and I still think that Trotsky was right about most of them), he, like Henk Sneevliet and Victor Serge were great revolutionaries whose memory we should proudly claim as part of our tradition. After all, the Stalinists didn’t kill Nin and go after the POUM because they weren’t revolutionary enough. And lest we forget, Nin, like Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht was murdered by reformists pursuing an alliance with sections of the capitalist class, a policy that they are still pushing today!


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