2 comments on “They Were Called “The Band” Because They Were THE Band

  1. Jay,

    I’ve noticed that the soul patch is completely gone and the beard is back. Both of these trends can only be welcomed. Though I have my doubts about some of the more Civil War era styles (my neighbor waxes some of his facial hair which just makes me queasy). Levon Helm’s album is out this week and is getting good reviews. What I’ve heard isn’t nearly as strong as Dirt Farmer, but I haven’t had a good sit down with it. Here’s a little more Band to listen to while your muttons mature…

    I Shall Be Released
    with Richard doing soul like only Richard can do

    Don’t Do It!

    A totally beautiful It Makes No Difference from Rick Danko

    This Wheel’s On Fire!


  2. DAMN, that is some good shit!!! They were and forever shall be THE Band. That’s it, I’m growing my chops back out.


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