4 comments on “Honduran Questions

  1. Note that despite its rhetoric, the Obama regime has refused to characterize what went down in Honduras as a “coup,” since, under US law, that would oblige them to cut off all aid to those responsible for it. Once again talk is cheap when it comes to the “hope for change” crowd.

    The US also is none too keen on bringing back the ousted president…unless his wings are clipped the way Aristide’s were back in the 1990s during Bill Clinton’s reign.

    Finally, one should compare the amount and attitude of the coverage given by the mainstream media to events in Honduras with those in Iran. No front page coverage for the former…and it’s not just because of Michael Jackson. Unfortunately the same holds true for most of the left as well.


  2. I’m familiar with US involvement down there but I find it hard to believe that Obama would sanction such an operation.


    • Scott,

      Yeah, me too. I am not saying that Obama sanctioned or supported the coup. Such support would go against the current playbook that is attempting to resuscitate the US’s badly Bush-damaged image. I would be very surprised if it were so in fact. I am saying though that the oligarchy and the army exist only through their relationship with the United States. The United States has built, equipped and trained the Honduran military for decades and therefore does have some responsibility for what its creature does. I find it impossible to believe, when coup rumors were widely reported in the days running up to it, that US intelligence and the military did not know about it. So what did they say to the coup plotters before hand? Since they share the same bases they surely had the opportunity to speak. My other question would be on the role of US corporations in the coup. They also wield substantial authority with the army and oligarchy and could have played the role of cheerleader.



  3. Excellent analysis…insofar as Honduras goes. Only doesn’t it also apply to Iran, which is surely of more importance to US imperialism than Honduras could ever be, unless they discover oil there?

    I don’t know how many of our tax dollars are going to fund subversion in Honduras, but the National Endowment for Democracy alone is getting $15-$20 million to do its dirty work in Iran. Then there’s whatever the CIA and the rest of the “intelligence community” is spending on similar such endeavors.

    Or. as you so rightly concluded in regards to Central America, “All of the bloody history of the United States in (Iran) demands that we take nothing the US (or its prostitute press and other assorted media myrmidons, I might add) says for granted.” And while the “movement” may not have been “Made in the USA,” it certainly has been aided and abetted by them in no uncertain terms every step of the way.

    US imperialism, hands Off Honduras…hands off Iran!


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