7 comments on “John Brown’s Body

  1. I’m very proud of my Great Great Great Great Grandfather John Brown. He stood for what was right, not only in his eyes, but in God’s eyes as well. I’m glad people out there still care about what he did, who he was, and what he stood for!


  2. no offense scott but some reading might do you good… Southern self determination???????? thats the line of the klan…. nobody talks like that today except maybe the John Birch society.


  3. The civil war was not about some heroic idea of freeing the slaves, it was about refusing southern self determination. Lincoln unleashed the northern war machine and trashed the constitution. Lincoln didn’t even free the slaves that were still in the US, that took the 13th amendment.


  4. To wait and let entire human populations be enslaved, chained, tortured, and raped, until their torturer or rapist was too exhausted, or his actions became too unprofitable for him to continue would be at best complicit in genocide


  5. Scott,

    I can’t imagine a more necessary war than the Civil War. Brown felt the same way, his aim was to push the conflict into an open breach and for this, and plenty more, he deserves his due. I’ll take more zealous religious people if they are zealous, as Brown was, for human liberation. Bring ’em on. What, pray tell, would a “natural death” be for a system of chattel. The only “natural” response for one held in bondage would be its immediate destruction I would imagine. The racist hell that the United States has been for most of the years since the Civil War was the consequence of the war’s gains being lost by the failure of Reconstruction not of the war itself.



  6. Sorry RR, to me Brown was just a violent religious zealot whose violence helped pushed this country to war. An unnecessary war that unleashed another hundred years of horror upon blacks. This country would have been much better off if slavery had been allowed to die a natural death which it was on track to do at the time.


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