3 comments on “The Good War Goes Hot

  1. we had reports on the news last night that Obama’s popularity internationally has helped increase the popularity of the ‘US’ in general…….much easier for the rulers to achieve their war aims in the glow of the ‘change candidate’…we had our own ‘change candidate’ here in Australia…..our soldiers are still in Afghanistan,our building workers and their union are still not given the same rights under the law as other workers…..what changed?the image and not much else……..


  2. As usual right on the money! And not only have “the Democrats and Obama…now taken full responsibility for the wars,” but their fan club at UFPJ is apparently willing to take responsibility for the Democrats and Obama. According to an article on the WSWS, UFPJ urged its minions to support funding for Obama’s wars if they could get a “timetable for withdrawal” to come with it! Yeah, just like the non-withdrawal from Iraq that they got. On the other hand, or rather, on the other side, those anti-war activists who really are against the war from the National Assembly will be holding a National Antiwar Conference from July 10-12 at La Roche College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


  3. It’s as if the major objection to the war on the progressive side was not to the war itself but to the rhetoric used to support it. Now that it’s couched in earnest liberal symbolism and sentiment, all’s well. (Add to that Obama’s Ghana and NAACP speeches… I’m done with him.)

    And on waging war for a feminist cause, it is even more despicable that supposedly progressive, feminist organizations like the Feminist Majority Foundation would support such obvious propaganda by calling for increased peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan (as if that’s what the coalition forces are!). A good editorial on the FMF response to the escalation can be found here:


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