One comment on “Health Care Mobs

  1. Pitchforks for the Democrats? Why not; they got $24 trillion for Wall Street welfare and billions more for their wars but they claim that they can’t afford national health care even though almost everyone who voted for Obama supports it. Only under capitalist “democracy,” it’s the millionaires who own Obama, not the millions who voted for him, who count. And amongst the former, the drug and insurance companies aim to get their money’s worth.

    Meanwhile, the trade union bureaucracy, instead of waging a campaign for real national health care, tails behind the Democrats, and the liberal-left tails behind them, defending Obama from the “right,” the same way they defended Clinton back in the 1990s. Only by doing so, they once again help to push millions of angry workers and middle class people into the arms of the right, who, at least, pose as “populists,” and ensure that the debate never gets beyond the lesser of two evils.


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