2 comments on “Walt Sheasby Five Years Gone

  1. I had the privilege of briefly knowing Walt right around the time you did during the 04 Nader campaign. In an interview I did with UK Green Party guy and ecosocialist Derek Wall, he reflected on Sheasby a bit:
    “Derek Wall: Walt Sheasby was a member of the Green Party, a pioneering ecosocialist, a writer, a brilliant political organiser and my friend, I miss him so much. He came over to Britain in 2004 to research his work on Marx and ecology, retracing Marx’s visits to Brighton and Ramsgate and meeting up with Green Party members over here. He spoke at the Green Economics conference in Reading organised by the dynamic Miriam Kennett. He mentored me, got me thinking more deeply and his interest not only in Marx and ecology but zen was important to me.

    His essays many of which are on the net cover a number of really important topics from peak oil to Nader to ecosocialism and of course the green elements in Marx’s writing.

    Unlike a lot of writers he was very politically active in a practical way, helping to build the Green Party in its early stages. When he died it came as a big shock because he was planning another trip to the UK and I was looking forward to seeing him.

    ‘In the spirit of Walt Sheasby’ is the phrase which describes serious eco politics.”


  2. I knew Walt Sheasby years ago. I was saddened when I learned of his untimely death. However, I had no idea he had done so much until reading this. Thank you for posting this.


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