4 comments on “Health Care Questions

  1. While we were wrong about the form (i.e., “responsibility”) we were right about the content, yet another fleecing of the working class for the benefit of Obama’s big business backers. In this case, the drug and insurance industries. In fact, United HealthCare and Aetna stocks skyrocketed the next day. And to yet again hear Obama complain about the “cost” of health care when he has handed trillions in welfare to Wall Street and the war machine… Too bad the only one to have the balls to heckle him was a right-winger!


  2. What I expected. He talked mainly about those with insurance, because to talk about those without would mean advocating public health care. Never mind that the solution to the problems of those with health insurance and those without are the same. So he proposes no solution. He proposes some regulations of the health insurance industry when the industry itself is the problem while ensuring they can continue to dominate health care and make huge profits. The bounce in shares on Wall Street for insurance companies today says all that needs to be said. The drug companies got a pass because he made an earlier closed-door deal with them. And all of this in the name of a generational reform. Does that mean we will have to wait for another generation to get genuine health care reform? I fear so.


  3. I’m sure you’re right and we will be getting yet another condescending lecture about “responsibility.” Only coming from a guy who is responsible for giving over $24 trillion in welfare to Wall Street, $180 billion to the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and millions more to Israel, Egypt and other assorted stooge states, it wears a bit thin. Only not for the professional “lesser evilists” of the liberal left, who will, no doubt, tell us, in the best traditions of the Popular Front, that we have to defend the “progressive” president against the racist right-wing opposing his “reforms.” As if it’s “anti-racis”t to support making workers and the middle class pay more for less health care to begin with! With anti-racism like that, no wonder there’s so many racists out there!

    Speaking of which…as much as I hate to quote Ron Paul, when it comes to the question of “where’s the money gonna’ come from” for real national health care, as opposed to picking our pockets for “Obamacare,” Paul says to the effect that , “If you take all the money from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan then everyone could have free health care.” I don’t recall hearing Pelosi, let alone Obama, ever uttering such sentiments.

    Needless to say you will never hear any of the Obama-loving liberal left offering any such suggestions either. Hell, if the trade-union bureaucracy had any backbone (or balls) and didn’t have its head so far up Obama’s asshole, they could have easily had a million man march for national health care that would have made the drug and insurance companies and their bought and paid for politician pals (not to mention the “radical right”) think twice about the scam they’ve been pulling off with this phony “debate” from which all talk of “single-payer” or “national health care” was excluded from the get-go.

    And yes, while I certainly agree that Cuba is indeed “a shining example” when it comes to “real socialized…medicine,” that’s because they had a workers revolution that socialized everything else there as well! Not that we couldn’t learn a few things from them on that either.


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