One comment on “The Rustbelt’s “Peace” “Prize”

  1. Remind’s you of George Orwell’s “War = Peace.” Talk about imperialist hypocrisy. Can you imagine giving a “peace” prize to a guy who is currently running two imperialist wars and trying to start a third, the latter in the name of stopping “nuclear proliferation,” of course. They could have given another award to George Bush just to be fair. Then again, who the “they” are determines who gets the prizes.

    As for re-building the anti-war movement, don’t count on Medea Benjamin this time around. That naive nit-wit, who spent the last four years campaigning for pro-war Democrats, is now reconsidering her opposition to Obama’s war in Afghanistan…after meeting with US puppet Karzai’s “Minister for Women.”

    Needless to say, the latter strongly opposed any US withdrawal from that country since the Karzai regime wouldn’t last five minutes after the last US soldier left. I guess if Benjamin would have met with the South African minister for Bantustans, she would would have “rethought” opposing the struggle against apartheid.

    Just when you think that the liberal left can’t sink any lower in its groveling after Obama they go and prove you wrong by digging even deeper.


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