3 comments on “Fly Your Freak Flag With The Fugs!

  1. The Fugs wove together threads that aren’t always in the same fabric– radical politics, extreme silliness, adolescent sexual thrills, mucho drugs, and a truly defiant playfulness. The New Left found them too wacky, the Old Left didn’t like the blowjob jokes, and even the counterculture was weary of there leftism. Tuli, who really should have a biography written about him, has referred to himself as an “anarcho pacifist Bolshevik”… and his last major book was titled “Teach Yourself Fucking”. Gotta love those dudes.


  2. I have often thought that much of what passes for ‘theory’ in many of those classes was not unlike a bad trip. In any case I think I want some of whatever that guy dancing in the video was on…


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