2 comments on “Obama’s Afghan Stagecraft

  1. Obama DESERVED the Novel Peace Prize!!!

    He has assumed his rightful place next to a number of other Nobel Prize-winning war criminals (Kissinger, Carter, Peres…to name a few).

    Fantastic post.

    You wrote: “Obama seems to believe that taking his time on announcing the decision will present the decision as well thought out, serious and taken in earnest. My guess is that the decision has already been made.”

    I agree. In fact, I wrote a post on the “Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act” (which is actually 600+ billion dollar “defense” bill with a snippet at the end making it like, TOTALLY illegal for people to bash or kill me) . If you read through that massive war spending bill, it is clear that he is about to escalate the carnage in a major way- in Iraq as well. Of course, liberals and anti-war “progressives” hardly noticed because it was a “Hate Crimes” bill for the queers that Obama has pledged to sign, yaaaaay, see told ya Obama was progressive!


    These anti-war libs are going to be lauding Obama for signing a war spending bill that will be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people- because it is being discussed in the corporate media mainly as the “hate crimes bill”.

    Obama is nothing if not a PR genius.

    Obama and the Dems can take that “hate crimes bill” and shove it up their collective asses.



    • EM,

      Ugly. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. It sort encapsulates all that is rotten in bourgeois “democracy” and all that is rotten in the institutional parties that ply the trade. Hate Crimes bills are a problem even without the foul maneuver you point out. I wonder what the Shepard family thinks of their son’s name being attached to a war appropriations bill? Yeah, the Afghan war is going to get bigger. I’m still not convinced that they wont dump Karzai at some point. He could become a real liability. I saw that up to 10,000 marched in London against the war. Small, but a start. We’d be lucky to muster that in the States. Do we even have an anti-war movement? Your blog is fantastic, BTW. Readers: a big plug to Queers Against Obama. It’s in my bookmarks and it should be in yours.



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