2 comments on “Ford Workers Rebel Against Concessions!

  1. The main reason the Union Workers voted to accept in Canada is that Ford would make no commitment for reinvestment in Canada. Mind you it is less then G.M. or Chrysler/ I think around 10% so they had no choice but to accept and not only that Saint Thomas will close down for good with around 1500 – 1600 jobs including spin off / vendors etc. I personally don’t believe this is end and each time they sit at the bargaining table I believe they will want more and more but not sure how much more the workers can give up. They seem to have lots of cash for Mullaley and his private jet to fly around in.


    • I agree thier is lots of cash for Mullaley. I will not be surprised when one day he will own Ford. I just hope its not any time soon. I have 21yrs. senority I might be able to retire @ 30 but I am not sure if my body will endure it that time much less retire.I am not as proud to be a Ford employee as I once was and that is someone’s loss.


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