2 comments on “Dave Moore: Working Class Hero

  1. Bob

    Every time I meet an old timer I think “we must get these memories down” only, it seems, to learn they’ve passed before it can get done. Thank you all for getting it done. That 30s generation was something else. So very few are left. I emailed Al with personal info.



  2. Al Benchich, David Elsila (who asked the questions and wrote most of the script for the voiceover) and myself really appreciate the kind words and posting of the video.
    Through the many hours of video interviews I came to really admire this man. He walked the walk through so many eras that I’ve only read about and the stories he had we’re remarkable. He would always say “Oh I know I’m boring you with all this talk” and we would answer back to keep going, it’s fascinating stuff. Which it was.
    Not many like him today; he will be sorely missed.
    By the way do we know each other?


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