3 comments on “California Students Revolt!

  1. Also see occupyucla.wordpress.com and neverbeenuaw.wordpress.com, plus the excellent Infoshop News article “18 hours inside Carter-Huggins Hall” (link appears to be down at the moment but it’s at http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=20091123191037121 ), for first-person accounts of the UCLA occupation, untainted by the self-appointed “student police” who wrongly spoke for the occupiers in the mainstream media in liberated Carter-Huggins Hall’s final hours. Confusingly, some MSM articles, as in the L.A. Times and the Daily Bruin, are accurate and fair up until the final paragraph or two, when the reporters understandably conflate these bullshit “student leaders” with the glorious horizontally-powered movement of the first 17 hours.


  2. agreed. another reason to not like the slogan is that “power” is not in making demands,but in imposing solutions. so used to losing are we that we seem to have come to think that “democracy” is exercised by voicing one’s opinion rather than in being able make the decisions. the chant sounds like a sign of impotence rather than strength it wants to convey….like the chant “whose streets? our streets!” as the cops water-cannon and gas you off of them. our streets? really?



  3. I couldn’t agree with you more insofar as “the egregious chant “…ain’t no power like the power of the people, cause the people don’t stop ” goes. The only chant more “egregious” is that old Pop Front Stalinist stand by, “the people united, will never be defeated.”

    The unfortunate reality has been (and still is) that the people, i.e., the workers, united with the capitalists by way of the Democratic Party, will always be defeated.

    And while there, indeed, is no power like that held by the working class within capitalist society, i.e., the power to stop production, unless it is expressed in independent economic and political struggles against the bosses and their bought and paid for politician pals like Arnold and Obama, it’s not only going to stop, but won’t even get started!


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