8 comments on “Flame On The Snow: Victor Serge

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  3. Jumping Jacks,

    As for autobiographies, its mainly the ones that were never written that I would love to read! Bukharin’s “How It All Began” is one that I have yet to get to. I would like to plug a biography if I can and that is Yvonne Kapp’s two volume work on Marx’s daughter Eleanor. It brings Marx and Engels’ circle as well as the late Victorian world to life as no other biography of that group has. Really masterful.

    The poster is by Dmitri Moor from 1919 in preparation for the First Congress of the Comintern. It says “Death To World Imperialism.”



  4. RR,

    What can you tell me about the first graphic?

    Also, besides Serge, who I have read and enjoyed, what other marxist autobiographies would you suggest?


  5. Damien,

    There’s nothing in the world quite like a well stocked library is there? I’ve always thought that if you wanted to know the history of the Russian Revolution there were plenty of good books, but if you wanted to find out how the revolution felt Serge was the one to read.



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  7. the best thing about being at uni all those years ago was the fact that most of Serge’s novels were in the library…as well as Mandel,Deutscher and all of the New Left Review….oh,those were the days.


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