12 comments on “Can I Say “Krautrock”?

  1. Not for the first time has music divided the movement. Sean Matgamna had three comrades expelled for sitting through a Wolfe Tones cover band at a pub without making a public stand against Green reaction and Jim Robertson once drunkenly called a member a “dope-smoking goat-fucker with Nasserite deviations” (which was only partially accurate) from the floor at a Party conference for wearing an Egypt ’78 Grateful Dead t-shirt.* Can we all agree on Faust and avoid a split?


    *not actually true


  2. Amesser, the comrade falls in love with classic Krautrock and you try to steer him off course with fanciful Canterbury scene whimsy? Banish such deviationist deviations! There will be plenty of time for Matching Mole when we’ve defeated the class enemy. Until then the Party recommends Faust, Amon Düül II, and more Faust. Robert Wyatt is best reserved for periods in the struggle when there are temporary tactical alliances to be made with non-Party forces (anti-colonial or anti-fascist struggles). But we don’t take leadership from the likes of Wyatt! And we don’t soften cadre with the Soft Machine!


  3. excellent. next up: soft machine, matching mole, and especially robert wyatt (though some of his politics will make you cringe). and faust, don’t forget faust.


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