10 comments on “Dennis Kucinich: Rodeo Clown

  1. If you’re saying that Kucinich is diverting OUR attention from kicking Obama’s ass, then, yeah, he’s a good rodeo clown, but he’ll be a lot less effective at it now that he’s shown his true colors with his vote on health “reform.” By the way, are you in Kucinich’s district?


  2. “Rodeo Clown” is too good a title for Kucinich. A rodeo clown is a guy who risks his own neck to divert an angry bull’s or bronc’s attention so that an injured cowboy can be rescued from the ring. Kucinich has left us all to be trampled in the dust while he runs away and no doubt will get plenty of money to run for re-election, while Rahm Emanuel makes sure that AIPAC doesn’t come after him. I used to think that he didn’t belong in the Democratic party. Now I’m convinced that he does.


    • Tom,

      See above on why I think rodeo clown is apt. As the saying goes, “my heroes have always killed cowboys”; we’re the bull struggling not to be tied, branded and on the plate of a capitalist. I always root for the bull at a rodeo or a bullfight. Metaphors aside, we agree on Kucinich.



  3. If Dennis Kucinich really believed in all the nice “progressive” things that his apologists claim he does, there is no way that he could remain the same party as Obama and Clinton, let alone the “right wing” of the Democratic Party. Whatever he may or not believe about this or that issue, he has long played the “rodeo clown” role that RR attributes to him. Only now that they have Obama to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes, his role may be diminished.

    Since the economic crisis of the 1970s, the Democratic Party has had the same gameplan as the Republican Party;increased austerity at home and imperialist aggression abroad. No significant wing of either party has defended, let alone, advocated Keynesian “deficit spending” becau they both dance to the tune that Wall Street whistles. That’s why no amount of liberal-left “pressure” politics is going to move Obama away from Wall Street. Kucinich stays in the Democratic Party to make sure that activists stay in there with him and that the kind of indeperndent, left-wing party that needs to be built never gets off the ground.


  4. Punk Patriot,

    If you think identifying yourself as a principled pacifist and then telling people to vote for candidates who bring imperialist war to the world is just a run of the mill sell out then that’s on you. You clearly don’t have high standards for the folks you support. To me these aren’t questions of selling out. Dennis has proven that his principles aren’t principles so they can’t be sold out. He’s playing a role.


    At some point the chain that binds us to the corporate masters has to be broken. Kucinich is a link in the chain that runs from Wall Street to union halls and peace protests. If he “didn’t have any choice” then isn’t that a rather damning indictment of the whole rotten system? Shouldn’t the conclusion then be for more independence and not less from said system? I was being nice when I called him a rodeo clown, it seems like an apt description of what he does. Disorient the bull (us) while the cowboy (them) gets away . I wonder what Rahm Emanuel calls him? I bet its nastier than anything I’ve said. And if candidates really had to do what their constituents wanted we’d all be sitting on our NHS cards passing a joint at our lesbian friends’ wedding as the troops were flying home form wherever. Depending on how the question is asked, there is a working majority for each of those. Find a single member of congress that would support all those positions. Alas…



  5. You know what, Dennis Kucinich plays ball with the corporate interests in the barest minimum.

    The dude was almost assassinated twice for taking a stand against the banks.

    If he had stuck it out to the bitter end in 2004 or 2008 and refused to endorse the DNC nominee, the DLC thugs would have (and have) poured money into primary opposition and try to Cynthia McKinney his ass.

    You have to take the long-view. His being in congress and bringing voice to important issues will do more good over the long term than standing his ground in an all out pissing contest would do.

    So you can cite three or four instances where he’s sold out over the past 12 years. That’s a hell of a lot better than anybody else in congress.


  6. You know, I generally do not like and do not trust American politicians. Dennis Kucinich has been the one exception. And to be honest, I still want to like him. This article comes across as needlessly harsh; not that I am not disappointed that Mr. Kucinich didn’t stay the course, but at some point we have to ask if he really had any choice vs. political suicide.

    If his constituents were mostly asking him to support the bill, then he has an obligation to do so – after all, they were the ones who put him in office. He plainly admitted in his press conference that it is not the bill he wanted, and I believe him. That’s not to say I believe IN him, because I’ll always be a skeptic, but I think he was being sincere.

    Either way, this post resorts to some rather silly name-calling tactics that I think undermine any serious political discussion. At least try to be objective.


  7. Just remember how Kucinich led his followers into the camp of John Kerry in 2004 under the guise of staying in the race til’ the bitter end. In 2008 with Obama in front, he got out early on since there wasn’t all that much work required of him.

    Compare and contrast the craven cowardice of the clown prince of the liberal left with the balls, backbones and brains of the militant workers shown in the Teamster flics below. Not for a minute were they seduced by the New Deal nonsense of the Democrats. And FDR, unlike Obama, actually was willing to throw a few crumbs the workers’ way. See “Marxism” really can make a difference!

    As for Dennis the Menace, perhaps if Obama is so successful in bamboozling the liberal left with his snake-oil, the ruling class can dispense of his services once and for all and we won’t ve subject tpo this kind of blather any more.


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